Surface Mount Test Switches KEY-S

chave-de-afericao-sobrepor-konectyThe Konecty Test Switches have been developed in line with the strictest standards for security in the electricity segment, and designed to make it possible to have total security for the workers and also the maintenance technicians. This is the simplest, quickest and most reliable method for conducting tests, calibrations and monitoring of electrical equipment, without any need for de-energisation of the systems, which means that it is possible to test potential and current circuits of relays and energy measurement devices, among other industrial applications.

Application and operation

The KEY-S keys make it possible that, in the opening position of the knives, there is the electric insulation for the connection, repair or monitoring of the equipment. In the closed position, KEY-S maintains the operation and also the continuity of the electric circuits within their normal characteristics.

Characteristics of Construction


Injected in plastic materials with excellent insulation and mechanical resistance, being able to bear high temperatures without presenting any deformations in its structure.
It can be supplied in the following versions:

  • Basic, with or without side-affixing tabs;
  • Extended and centralised;
  • Extended, coloured Black, for use with a tripolar plug for the connection of similar equipment.

Main lid

Injected in transparent plastic materials of high resistance against mechanical impacts. The lid is removable and has anti-fraud sealing devices. Designed in a way that protects the connection terminals and also provides more agility to the operator, it already comes in versions with extended protection tabs, without protection tabs, and also with protection tabs that have been cut for the wide passage of the conductors. It has indelible identification, containing information about the manufacturer, product, model, year of production, voltage and current.

Sectioned sets for voltage and current

All sectioning sets are made in extrahard special brass, with a spring effect and surface treatment for protection of the components. They have excellent mechanical resistance and also electrical conductibility.

The voltage sectioning units consist of simple Knife Switches and have independent activation for the potential circuits. They are separated by insulating barriers which are modelled at the base and have reinforced height, so as to avoid any possibility of voltage arcs.

The sectioned current sets consist of Knife Switches which allow the execution of short-circuits of the secondary poles of current transformers, before there is the full opening of the knives. Together with these sectioning devices, there is also a checking bridge for each current circuit, allowing the use of auxiliary equipment without the need to disconnect the conductors.

Neutral pole

This is a key or a continuous plate made in special extra-hard brass, connecting the input and exit terminals of the switch.

Keys for activation of the knives

Injected in insulating plastic materials of high resistance, to protect the operator from the risk of touching the conductive parts. They are designed with a design for greater ergonomic opening and can be configurable with different colours, circuit identifiers and mechanical interlocking pins for the opening of two knives at the same time.

Connecting terminals

These are produced in brass with surface treatment and excellent electric conductability, thereby allowing a firm and secure connection of the conductors.

Assembly and connections

The assembly of the KEY-S switches is carried out frontally in panels and measurement sets. Its installation is designed in a way that it provides security and practicality for the operators. Its fixation is done through four M5 terminals, which are located, after the installation has been completed, within the main lid that has a security seal against fraud. The fixation of the conductors is made in M5 terminals, and can also be done by conductors of the eyelet variety (minimum internal diameter of 4.2 mm and maximum external diameter of 11.5mm) or also directly through decapped conductors, through fixation plates for conductors of the nail type, which exist in the connecting terminals of KEY-S. The tightening of the connecting terminals can be made using a normal screwdriver or even using hexagonal (Allen) keys of the pipe variety, 5/16”. The connecting terminals of KEY-S also allow the use of banana plugs, thus obtaining a greater flexibility according to the needs of the operators.

Optional extras

  • A centralised and extended base, centralised, for a different standard in fixation for certain energy concessionaires;
  • An extended base for the use of a tripolar plug for the connection of auxiliary equipment;
  • Distinctive colours for the keys;
  • Identification of the phases on the keys;
  • Transparent lid with extended tabs for the protection of connection terminals;
  • Interlocking pins


The Key-S Switch – with Base of Fixing Tabs Standard and Main Lid with Extended Tab

Key-S Switch – With Extended Base for Tripolar Sockets and Main Lid with Tab

Key-S Switch – With Centralised Extended Tab and the Main Lid with Tab

Technical Characteristics

Produced ByKonecty
Nominal Voltage600 V
AssemblySurface Mount
Nominal Current20 A
Insulation Class2,5 kV
Maximum Number of Poles10