Semiflush-Mounted Test Switches 14 Poles KEY-EL

The Konecty Semiflush-Mounted Test Switches have been developed according to the strictest security standards within the electric sector, designed to enable total security for the operators of electrical panels.

This being the simplest, quickest and most reliable way of performing tests, calibration and general monitoring of electrical equipment, without any need to de-energise the systems, we can therefore conduct potential and current tests on relays and energy measuring devices, among other industrial applications.

Total security for operators of electric panels

On using the KEY-EL key, all the test and inspection operations shall be made through the front of the panel, thus avoiding any contact between the operators and the energised parts of the system.

The terminals are located at the rear of the key, and are separated with the use of barriers with a high degree of isolation and with appropriate space to connect the wiring.

Protection and practicality

The switches are individual, of the knife type, and are separated using insulating barriers which are moulded at the base. Each knife switch has a key, injected in highly resistant materials (these can be coloured, with circuit identification and also pins for mechanical interlocking) which protects the operator from touching the conduction parts on its activation.

Optional extras

  • Test Springs for use of test plugs;
  • Distinctive colours for the keys;
  • Transparent lid;
  • Interlocking pins;
  • Distinctive kits for affixing;
  • Frontal contact protector.


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Technical Characteristics

Nominal Voltage600 V
Nominal Current20 A
Insulation Class2,5 kV
Maximum Number of Poles14