About Konecty

Konecty produces high-quality products, with a focus on the segments of protection and security of electrical systems. Our main aim is that of providing the maximum possible security, practicality and speed to electricians and operators of panels and electrical systems during maintenance, testing, calibrations and monitoring without any need for interruption of energy supply.

We define our production and management systems so as to provide flexibility and simplicity of our processes, and therefore be able to meet the requests for customizations of products (colours, contact layout, and other specific characteristics) for each client, with agility.

Our main clients include energy concessionaires, integrators, panel assembly companies, and engineering companies, always acting in a way that exceeds the expectations of our clients through a production chain which is modern, swift and efficient, with the result thereof being the production of products with a high standard of security and reliability.

Our commercial and technical support team has plenty of experience on the market and is prepared to help our clients in all the phases of the purchasing process, from the purchase itself through to the use and the post-sales of our products.

Our commercial policy seeks the construction of long-lasting partnerships with our clients and suppliers, seeking to offer the best conditions and also provide quick responses, mainly in relation to time frames and commercial agreements, and therefore we seek to develop a focused and specific style of management for each link in our value chain.

Konecty’s greatest asset are its clients, and based on this commitment we have subjected our whole line of products to tests carried out in independent laboratories which have been accredited by national regulatory bodies, thus obtaining technical opinion statements that prove the quality of all our products.

KONECTY – “Safety in energised installations”.

Konecty Mission

Konecty is a company focused on the segment of protection and security of energised systems, seeking to satisfy the needs of the clients and also to add value to the shareholders, committed with people’s satisfaction and also the sustained development of society.

Konecty Vision

Our vision is that of being seen as a reference in the supply of equipment, solutions and services for protection and security for energised systems, committed to the people’s satisfaction and also the sustained development of society.

Konecty Values

  • Constant search for the surpassing of clients’ expectations.
  • Collaborators who are committed and satisfied, and total security in the work atmosphere.
  • Economic, social and environmental responsibility.
  • To strive to achieve quality, simplicity, speed and flexibility in everything we do.
  • Ethical and transparent behaviour.
  • Commitment to the growth and the profitability of the company.

Quality Policy

Obtain the satisfaction of our clients, continually improving our processes, supplying measurement, maintenance and security products, with a high standard of reliability.

Environmental Policy

Develop products thinking about respect for the environment, following environmental legislation, preventing pollution and promoting a continuous improvement in the environmental performance within our activities.

Human Resources Policy

To permeate and perpetuate, within the organisation, the awareness that the establishment and retainment of a competent team is key to success, dedicating special attention to the process for the attraction, development and retainment of talents. Give value to diversity, while respecting the differences of ideas, beliefs and experiences in order to generate innovative solutions and also offer opportunities for growth to each collaborator and, hence, to the organisation.

Health, security and life quality policy

To continually promote the well-being of our collaborators, promoting healthy environments and secure working conditions, according to the legislation on security and labour medicine as currently in effect, seeking the continuous improvement of all labour processes and also promoting the quality of life.

Policy of sustainability and corporate responsibility

We shall base our corporate strategies, permanently considering responsibility and sustainability in the processes of business management, through the management of the impact of the company actions in the economic, social and environmental fields, in synch with the legitimate interests of the society at large and also the relevant legislation.